The world's most advanced hydroxide exchange membranes and ionomers

for affordable zero-emission fuel cell vehicles, clean hydrogen generation, and clean energy applications

PiperION - stable, robust and high performing

Enables economically viable zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles with 33% lower fuel cell system cost

The PiperION polymers are a platform technology that will enable also many other technologies including water electrolyzers for clean hydrogen production, flow batteries for grid energy storage, CO2 removal from air, and many others.

PiperION offers an unprecedented combination of alkaline stability, high ion conductivity, mechanical strength and low cost via advanced polymer design and engineering.

Advanced polymer design and engineering provide ultimate chemical stability.

Robust mechanical strength for all applications under extreme conditions.

Roll to roll membranes and ionomors in alcohol ensures user friendly experience.

Unprecedented high performance for compact and powerful fuel cell engine.